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The Child Welfare Officer role for Bedford Town F.C is to ensure that he/she acts as the co-ordinator for getting all the adult club officers, who have direct contact with children, checked out by the Criminal Records Bureau, through the Football Association CRB Unit and all training aspects are up to date in compliance.

All adult members of the club, including parents and guardians, should know

that the club Child Welfare Officers in place and you the adult members,

parents and guardians should also know who that person is,

and that they can contact them to raise any child welfare concerns.


We do realise that if a child wanted to raise an issue in private with someone

neutral, then that child may not realise that they can do that through the club.

Therefore, this is the reason that a card has been produced and sent to every

child member.


We can also act as a Clubs’ point of contact for all members – officers,

coaches, parents, guardians and players – who need to ensure that a specific

child welfare issue is taken seriously.

We can be spoken to in confidence and will only discuss an issue with a third person where they must know about the case to be able to ensure the continued safe welfare of the children under the club’s care.

We do not have the power to take any specific actions. Our role is to listen and to assure a child that they will be protected, before deciding who should be notified to take the appropriate action. Minor issues will be passed to the relevant club officer to deal with it. Issues of a serious nature must be referred to the Child Protection Officer at the Bedfordshire Football Association for the appropriate action to be taken.

Bedford Town Football Club encourages to have a high reputation that puts the welfare of its young members before the winning of trophies or before anything else for that matter.

You can rest assured that Bedford Town Football Club, is an organised club to deal with any major issue, in the unlikely event that one arises.

Our Child Welfare Officers are:

Jose Gomers & Ralph Allen

Child Welfare Officers